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EVX-530 Series Two Way Radios

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Vertex Standard 5 Watt Digital Two Way Radios

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Additional Product Information

EVX Series Digital Two Way Radios are an outstanding value for two way radio users.  Vertex Standard EVX Series Digital Two Way Radios work alongside any of your existing two way radios while offering you some additional features and benefits without breaking the budget.  Best of all, the eVerge series of two way radios are built to withstand the harshest of conditions and are protected by Vertex Standard's three year warranty. 

Key Features of Vertex Standard Digital Two Way Radios include:

  • Crystal Clear Digital Call Quality.  Think of the digital picture on TV versus what it used to look like.  Our radios sound just as good!
  • One to One or One to Many Calling.  Speak with one team member, three, or all at the touch of a button.
  • Expanded Range.  Vertex Standard Digital two way radios will sound clearer and work further than your existing two way radios.
  • Better Battery Life.  Vertex Standard eVerge digital two way radios last 25% longer than traditional two way radios under normal working conditions. 
  • Text Messaging using EVX-539 Portables
  • Your eVerge Series Digital Two Way Radio Will Come Complete With The Following:
  • 1 eVx Transciever
  • 1 High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery
  • 1 UHF or VHF Removable Antenna
  • 1 3 Hour Desk Top Charging Tray


Vertex Standard eVerge Series Spec Sheet

Most Common Questions about the Vertex Standard EVX Series Two Way Radios

How many Channels and Talk Groups are available?

The EVX-531 has 32 talk channels.  The EVX-534 and EVX-539 have 512 talk channels.  These channels can be programmed as traditional Analog channels, as individual users, or as groups.  We'll help you set up your radios to meet your needs. 

Will my Digital two way radios work with my existing analog two way radios?

Yes.  However, the digital features will only work with other digital two way radios.  Outside of that, the radios will communicate with all radios in your fleet.

Are Vertex Standard eVerge two way radios compatible with MotoTRBO?

Yes, both Vertex Standard and MotoTRBO products are TDMA Digital two way radios and are compatible as a result. 




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